Learning through lockdown: 4 Weeks of Yoga

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Take care of your mental and physical health during lockdown with these four 60 minute yoga YouTube classes. These classes follow the same structure as a normal yoga class: settling in, a warm up, a themed routine with a peak pose, a wind down and Savasana. There is a Hatha and Vinyasa version of each, the Hatha being suitable for beginners-moderate level yogis, the Vinyasa being suitable for moderate-advanced level yogis.

The timetable is:

• Week 1: Yoga for Hips

• Week 2: Yoga for Inner Peace

• Week 3: Yoga for Strength

• Week 4: Yoga for Fear

How to apply? Email to purchase and receive your free information pack along with your classes, yours to keep and use forever.

Online-class reviews

'Excellent standard of classes. Very good variety and choice

'I have felt very supported and my practice is flourishing. It really suits me to be able to do the classes at home as well as in person'

'I can vouch for Isobelís online classes being brilliant - they helped me through homeschooling lockdown!'

ĎWill definitely be doing again and highly recommend for people of all levelsí

íThank you for your support and encouragement with my practice through lockdown'


• 4 Hatha classes - £40

• 4 Vinyasa classes - £40

• Both for £80

Data Protection

I hold some personal data on students, please read the data protection policy here.

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